Friends Of Q


What is the “Friends Of Q” club?

This is our customer loyalty program, where we reward our dedicated customers just for being that: our favorite customers. By becoming a “Friends Of Q” member, every time you enjoy one of our delicious pizzas, or a mouth-watering side dish like our plump, juicy wings, or even an ever popular appetizer or desert, you earn points toward free food!

How does it work?

It is all done through the magic of our computer system. Once you sign up, your phone number identifies you as being a “Friend of Q”, and you start earning points every time you order.

How many points?

For each $1.00 you spend on food or drink, you earn one point. Now that’s a sweet deal. Each time you order, your points accumulate…  until you reach 100 points – JACKPOT! The computer gets all excited and automatically prints out a coupon for $10.00 off your next order. All you have to do is order again before the expiration date and tell the order taker to apply the coupon (the computer knows it’s there) and Poof – automatic discount!

Ready to sign up?

Just as a bonus, when you sign up we start your account up with 20 points automatically – even before you’ve placed your first order. That’ll put you well on your way to your first milestone, and you’ll know that you are a “Friend Of Q”.

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Friends Of Q